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When is Repiping Needed?

When is Repiping Needed?

Repiping of a house or condo is needed when in these cases:

  1. Old/existing plumbing causes frequent problems with leaks. Fixing these frequent problems becomes expensive and is causes  additional losses (damaged walls, other building structures, mold growth conditions).
  2. Old plumbing is based on Polybutylene pipes or other defective and outdated plumbing system that has a huge potential to cause problems.
  3. Your insurance went up because of recent leak fixes.
  4. Your realtor told you you have to replace the old plumbing or reduce the asking price for your house to adjust for the buyer having to do it.

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What is Repiping?

What is Repiping?

Repiping is the process of completely replacing the plumbing (all water supply pipes) of a house or other building with new one.

The process usually includes:

  1. Inspection and Planning
  2. Estimating
  3. Permitting (getting a permit for the changes from local government authorities)
  4. Removing old plumbing
  5. Installing new plumbing
  6. Repairing wall openings (drywall or else)
  7. Painting and Finalization

Orange County Repipe

Our Orange County repiping team is the best choice when considering a full repipe. You will have no more dirty water, lack of hot water, or ridiculously low water pressure. AMA Repiping uses the highest quality materials there are.

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Atlanta GA Repipe Cost

What does it cost to repipe in Atlanta GA?

The cost to repipe in Atlanta can vary a lot according to the size and current form of piping inside the structure. Many people believe hiring a plumber over a repiping specialist will save them some money. Which, actually it is quite the opposite. They actually charge about twice as much as a repiping specialist. Most plumbers and contractors do not specialize in repiping and can not properly open the walls in a clean and safely manner.


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