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Repipe Atlanta

There are many reliable plumbing companies in Georgia.

AMA Repiping doesn’t compete with these plumbing companies.

AMA Repiping has chosen to specialize in a very narrow niche in the plumbing industry.… Read more


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You just bought your dream home… Suddenly you hear that dreaded sound: water leaking.… Read more


Do you have a monster lurking in the walls of your home?

Have you had leaks or unexplained high water bills?… Read more

What is a Repipe Specialist

What is a Repipe Specialist

A repipe (repiping) specialist is a professional, usually part of a repipe team, trained and experienced in:

  1. inspecting houses and other buildings for persistent problems with leaks and other problems with plumbing
  2. assessing and estimating a complete replacement of the current plumbing with new one
  3. planning and managing the work of complete replacing the plumbing
  4. managing the wall repair (drywall, or other) and painting and finishing of the repipe process
  5. together with the company they are part of giving a guarantee for their work
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