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Chilled Water Systems


How Do Chilled Water Systems Work?

The chiller is the part of the chilled water system where the heat exchange occurs between the water that goes to the building and the evaporator. Then the water leaves the chilled water evaporator at 45 degrees. The water is then sent through the whole building via a pump.

The water cools the building or home and picks up the heat and returns to the chiller at about fifty degrees. The water temperature has been heated up by ten degrees after cooling the structure.

Chilled water systems are commonly used in cooling large commercial spaces such as office buildings and factories. However, more and homes are using this type of system in their home because of its low cost and no hazard of having refrigerant piped all over the house.

Residential or Commercial, chilled water systems are a cost effective way to control the temperature of any building. If you are still thinking about chilled water systems, please contact us to get answers to any questions you may have.

Note: We also repair or replace older chilled water systems!  An AMA Repiping Specialist will provide a proper evaluation of your chilled water/ heating system and give you the most competitive rate around!



Repiping for Apartment Complex

Electric vs. Gas Clothes Dryer Costs

Choosing an appliance can be hard when you compare energy costs, electric or gas? The cost of energy varies from area to area. Particular costs of electricity and natural gas also differentiate. It is important to do your homework to figure out potential Electric and Gas Clothes Dryer Costs. It is a good idea to get an electric bill and a gas bill. Consider variable and fixed rates because these can definitely affect costs as well. Find the cost per kilowatt (kWh) and the cost per Therm (might also be measured in CCF) and write them down.

Are you looking to eliminate the community laundry facilities in your apartment complex or multi-family community? We can save your and/or your tenants some money. Let us install individual laundry facilities in each of your units. Take a look here at our work repiping for apartment complex.


Cost of Repipe

Cost of Repipe

If you are looking into plumbing options or home repiping. You have come to the right place!

All homes will vary in repipe costs of course. Different factors that will decide your repipe are how many


What Does it Cost to Repipe a Home?

A home’s cost of repipe is typically based on the number of fixtures (bathtubs, sinks, water heaters,  toilets, dishwashers,

Homeowners frequently ask-What is the Repipe Cost?

The price can vary a lot according to the size and type of construction of a particular house. We also have to evaluate your plumbing structure. Repiping costs also vary depending on where you live. Repiping a house can range from $2,000-$20,000. Many local  plumbers who do not specialize in repiping will charge thousands more because they are not skilled in repiping. We do not “gut walls”. Our professionals are highly experienced in shielding furniture, surgically cutting open walls and replace the water lines-causing the least amount of repipe cost as possible. AMA Repiping provides the highest quality repiping work in the industry.

Call us today 866-262-1815 and a properly bonded, insured and licensed professional can come out to assess and bid your property.

For more information on repiping or the dangers of Polybutylene Piping, visit our blog.

Whole House Repiping

Looking for Whole House Repiping?

Do you need your pipes replaced? Give us a call today at (866) 262-1815 and we will provide you with professional whole house repiping services you can depend on and trust. 

Do you constantly have a clogged sink? Do you have super low water pressure? Regardless of what plumbing need you have, we are prepared and experienced for all your issues. AMA Repiping specializes in assistance of HOAs, property managers, condominiums, and apartment complexes with their repiping needs. We provide a professional and specialized repiping process unlike any service you will receive anywhere else. We are highly experienced in working in finished, occupied structures. You do not have to worry about a mess or damage to your home. Our repiping specialists always take preventative measures in protecting your furniture and personal belongings. We also replace the wallboard, and perfectly match the color of paint.

No matter what services you need, we have the experience and the expertise to handle all of your whole house repiping needs. AMA Repiping provides experienced, repiping craftsmen in Atlanta, Hilton Head, and Orange County.

We also complete HVAC conversions, water heater conversions and individual laundry installations!

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