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Multi Property Bathroom Extension


AMA Repiping specializes in the assistance of home owners, property managers, multi-house projects, and apartment complexes with their plumbing and repiping needs.

Adding a second bathroom brings comfort, style, and convenience to your home. 

You will no longer have to wait in line to use the bathroom or take a shower.

There are many factors to take into consideration before you hire a plumber for a bathroom extension.


3 things to consider:

Expense – A new standard bathroom costs an average of about $40,000 with a median value returned of around 60%.

Time Frame-A new bathroom is also a major remodeling project and can take anywhere  from three to six weeks to complete.

Plumbing lines – Most people locate their new bathroom as close to existing water and sewer connections as possible for budget reasons. If it is not close to the existing bathroom, repiping may be necessary for  drainage and ventilation.

Septic Tank – Generally, septic tanks are sized for the amount of fixtures in your home. It may or may not have extra storage. Your county should have this information on file.

If you take these factors into consideration and still decide that adding an additional bathroom is worth the investment for your home, contact AMA Repiping, Inc., and we can answer all your questions regarding your new investment.

Visit our contact page or call 1-866-262-1815 for all of your residential and multi property bathroom extension needs today

Multi Property Repiping


Although AMA Repiping, Inc. performs both residential and commercial work, we are specialists in multi-unit communities. A large percentage of our projects are with property management companies who manage homes, town homes, condominiums and apartments. Our proven track record in the multi property repiping industry has led to higher lease renewal rates and ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients.

Our specialists have over 60 years worth multi property repiping. Word of our quality work has allowed us to complete thousands of commercial repiping projects. Check out some of our satisfied customers here.

You can call us today with all of your repiping questions at  1-866-262-1815. We will send over one of our experienced experts to get the problem solved as quickly as possible.

Apartment Complex Repiping

As an property or apartment complex owner, you know the importance of having dependable piping. Tenants in your complex need to be satisfied in order for you to be satisfied. At any time, you could receive a phone call with a non-flushing toilet or a leaky faucet. We know how frustrating old pipes can be for your and your tenants.

This is why it is important to find a local plumber who understands every aspect of apartment complex repiping, for the most competitive price on commercial repipes available. Your expert is AMA Repiping.

There are many different reasons an apartment complex repiping may be necessary. Especially for owners who have purchased an older complex, the plumbing in your new building may have old, galvanized pipes. In fact, piping may be so old it fails to pass local regulations. Old pipes can cause many problems to you as a business owner. Your tenants could be drinking and showering with contaminated water. Old pipes can also cause huge damages from leaks and bursting that could be prevented with apartment complex repiping.



You need a plumbing expert who understands every aspect of apartment complex repiping. You won’t find a plumber better equipped for your apartment investment than AMA Repiping. 

866-262-1815 Call us today for more information


Multi Property Repipe

Are your tenants complaining of being scalded?

Are pipes leaking in or around the property?

HOAs and Property Managers should contact us today at 866-262-1815 if you think you may need a multi property repipe. 

Leading in the repiping industry, AMA Repiping has completed a variety of intricate projects. Our talented professionals can repipe 3 or 30 properties, on time and at a competitive rate. No job is too big or too small. Let AMA Repiping increase the value of your investment with a multi property repipe quickly, with no inconvenience to your tenants. You can depend on us, give us a call today.