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Orange County Repiping

How Often Should a Homeowner Repipe?

The lifespan for certain plumbing pipes varies depending on the materiel it is made of.

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Atlanta Repipe

Currently, homes are built with plumbing systems of PVC, PEX and copper. Polybutylene pipes were used in about 10 million homes and businesses from 1978 to 1995.… Read more

Home Repiping Process

Home Repiping Process

AMA Repiping┬áprovides a much less painful repiping experience than you think. Our specialty is working in completed homes.… Read more

Galvanized Piping Problems

Galvanized Piping- often used in the 1960s time frame, is a unreliable and unpredictable plumbing system in older homes. You might remember your parents or grandparents telling you to let the water run a minute or two before filling up your glass of water.… Read more