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Polybutylene Repipe

Between 4 and 6 million homes were built with defective Polybutylene plumbing. Is yours one of them? If you have experienced leaks, had your insurance premiums go up, or had your realtor tell you that you will have to replace it or reduce the price to cover the costs of replacing it; then you know some of the problems it will cause. And that is just Polybutylene; there are many other defective and outdated plumbing systems out there as well.

AMA Repiping, LLC has a permanent fix called Repipe. Repipe in finished homes is a highly specialized process that involves replacing and/or bypassing the Potable Water Distribution System, and putting the home back together when it is done. While any plumber can replace a pipe, a Repipe expert will give you a finished turnkey solution.

A Repipe by AMA Repiping is much less painful than you think. Working in finished, usually occupied homes, is our specialty. AMA Repiping will replace or by-pass the defective pipes, will bring your Water System up to current building standards and once the Repipe is completed, we build back any accesses that we had to create to install the new piping. We repair the wallboard, and match the paint to repaint the affected areas. Our work typically takes between 3 to 5 days to complete.

The team at AMA Repiping specializes in working with homeowners, whether dealing with leaking pipes or providing preventative services. Because we are specialists, we have developed proprietary protocols for working in occupied homes. If your home is occupied, you will not have to move out during the process.  Our crews will not only Repipe your home, but will also respect it. Our crews will use clean drop cloths on walkways as well as work areas, and cover fresh air returns in areas where dust is likely. We will clean our mess up daily and start fresh every day. We try to disrupt your normal routine as little as possible. We will reroute the new system to the least invasive areas possible, allowing us to keep the water on during the process, (except for about 5 -7 hours during one day to switch over from the defective system to the new system).

AMA Repiping also specializes in working within the constraints of a Real Estate transaction. Working with realtors, buyers and sellers, we make the Repipe process as efficient and convenient as possible. We offer a fixed rate pricing structure that allows us to give accurate and timely price quotes. AMA Repiping will work with the Closing Team to provide an option for taking payment from the proceeds at closing. AMA Repiping also offers fully transferable warranties, providing peace of mind to new owners.

From top to bottom AMA Repiping, LLC offers one of the most experienced Repipe teams in existence and will provide you a with a level of customer satisfaction you did not think you could get from a contractor. Give us a call today, we will show you how.

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