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Polybutylene Pipe Replacement Cost

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement Cost

The price of replacing existing polybutylene piping in a house depends on a few factors:

  1. Size of the house and more specifically the size and complexity of the actual plumbing – all pipes going from the supply line (utility water intake) to all the different water appliances: faucets, showers, washer and drier closets, bathrooms, hot water tubs etc.
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The Problem with Polybutylene

We love plastic. It’s cheap and easy to manipulate. We make utensils, bags, glasses and water pipes out of it.

How Polybutylene Came About

Copper piping, preferred for home plumbing for years, got a bit expensive in the late 1970’s.… Read more

Polybutylene Repipe

What are the dangers of polybutylene piping?

The trouble with polybutylene, apart from the fact that it’s in millions of older American homes, is that some of the additives in the public water supply can damage your poly pipes from the inside out.… Read more

Polybutylene Video

Learn more about polybutylene by watching this video


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