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Repiping For Property Manager

AMA Repiping  specializes in working with all parties in a selling and buying home transactions. We enjoy working with buyers, sellers, and realtors to make the repiping process as efficient and easy as possible. We offer a fixed rate pricing structure that allows us to give timely and convenient quotes for homes on the market. AMA Repiping works with the closers to provide an option for taking payment from the proceeds at closing. AMA Repiping of course offers fully transferable warranties and guarantees, providing peace of mind to the buyer.

AMA Repiping is the leading in the industry. Click here to see some examples of our first class work.

We Provide repiping for property manager, property owners, HOAs, homeowners, and more!

Drain Cleaning


Whenever liquid drain cleaners such as Drano can be useful for some blocks and clogs. All plumbing experts will tell you not to use liquid drain cleaning in most situations. Here are a few reasons why:


If you have small children or pets, having liquid drainer inside the home poses a threat of it’s own. The chemicals in cleaners are extremely toxic to breathe in and could possible splash back in eyes and face. They are absolutely not environmentally friendly. The leftover residue in the bottles in up in our landfills, and can subsequently end killing fish and other wildlife. Luckily, there are now non-chemical organic options when it comes to liquid drain cleaning.


Although liquid drainer is successful at clearing clogs, it can cause detrimental pipe damage. The chemical agents can sit on the pipes and corrode them. Small clogs can be safe for draino if the chemical does not sit on your pipes for too long.  Using liquid drainer is absolutely not recommended for large clogs. Big or small, if you continue to have the same clog-try an alternative way. Liquid drain cleaner also damages the glue that holds your pipes together.


Chemicals that makeup liquid drain cleaner are horrible for toilets because water sits for long periods of time. When drain cleaner heats up, it can crack your toilet or even cause an explosion. In addition to damaging your toilet, it can damage the enamel on expensive bathroom fixtures.


Many plumbers will tell you absolutely to never use liquid drain cleaners at all. As discussed, we will tell you some small clogs are safe for liquid drainer. However, We recommend you try other options first before using it however. A few alternatives to liquid drain cleaning are using a plunger, boiling water, or baking soda and vinegar.

Foundation Slab Leaks

Slab Leaks

You should worry about a slab leak for many reasons, but primarily the damage it can cause to your home. The problem is, many slab leaks go unnoticed due to their nature. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear water splashing or running. Leaks will always make themselves known, but often slab leaks are not noticed until the home’s damage discloses them. If you believe you have a leak in your home’s foundation, give one of our repipe specialists a call today.

How to Fix Foundation Slab Leaks

Cracks in baseboards and walls, an increase in water bill, moisture underneath your carpet, and low water pressure are signs of a possible foundation slab leak. Checking your water meter is a good way to check for a leak. Ensure there is no water running in your house and then check your water meter periodically for changes. Many people will repair the piping and hope the issue does not continue or they decide to finally repipe. Repiping with certain systems is absolutely inevitable. It is important not to put it off to avoid catastrophic damages to your home. Generally, if you have had to repair the slab in your home 2 or more times, it is definitely time to repipe your entire system or at least re-route the line causing the leak.

Contact a Repiping Specialist

If you have issues regarding leaks in your home like foundation slab leaks or burst pipes. AMA Repiping replaces old, corroded pipes with a new, effective system.

We generally do business assisting property managers, multi-house projects, home owners associations and apartment complexes with their repiping needs. Our repiping specialists take pride in helping you increase your property value and quality of living.

If you think your home may need a copper or PEX repipe, email us at [email protected] or give us a call today at 866-262-1815.

Hilton Head Repipe

Are you looking for a Hilton Head Repipe Professional?

You have come to the right place! Replacing your pipes is a major repair, but an excellent investment. We always work as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Usually, it will take about 5 days to complete a piping replacement.

Are you experiencing leaks or have reason to believe a full repiping might be necessary? -This is a job you want done quickly and painlessly. Call AMA Repiping. and leave the job to us. We are the trusted name for commercial and residential piping. We specialize in providing repiping services for repiping and capital improvement services for property owners, property management, real estate companies, home owners associations and single family home owners.

If you have any questions about repiping your business or home call AMA Repiping today. Our expert plumbers will be able to help you decide which pipe is best for your home and will help you find the optimal solution. Contact us today to learn more about repiping and to talk with one of our qualified plumbers.

You can reach AMA Repiping, Inc. for Questions, Advice and a Free Consultation regarding your Hilton Head Repipe at 1-866-262-1815.

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