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Repipe Specialist

AMA Repipe Specialist

If your house has galvanized pipes, it is likely it is time to replace your plumbing. There are many different plumbing types to choose from. Different types of pipes provide different advantages and disadvantages. A Repipe Specialist can offer you extensive consultation on your current plumbing system and your best options for replacement. You should call a repipe specialist to ensure you receive a long-lasting, good and efficient plumbing system. Here are a few materials used in plumbing.

What does galvanized household plumbing look like?

Galvanized pipes are a type of older iron pipes which were installed more than 50 years ago. This pipe is heavy, strong and efficient, but eventually corrodes as time passes. Galvanized pipes usually have zinc coating and if you scratch the exterior should see a gray or silver.

What does copper household plumbing look like?

The same scratch test can be conducted for copper plumbing. A key thing to look for is the metallic brown, red color. You many have copper plumbing if you are experiencing discolored water.

What does plastic household plumbing look like? 

Plastic plumbing combines a variety of fittings designed to bring together the home’s piping, which is generally going to be white in color.


AMA Repiping Plumbers

AMA Repiping Plumbers are available for a quality inspection of your troubled pipes. Our repiping plumbers are licensed, bonded, and specialize solely in repiping. You may notice several signs that will lead to a failed plumbing system.
• Old homes are the number one project for our repiping plumbers. You may notice poor water pressure. This is caused from the old, corroded pipes.

• Leaking pipes can sometimes be a sign that it is time for repiping. Especially if they are re-occuring leaks.
• Discolored water may be another sign that its time for our repiping plumbers to visit. Red or Brown water could sometimes mean your having water heater issues. If the water heater is ruled out, it means it is time for a repipe. This water is hazardous and not to be consumed without a filtration system.
• No control over the temperature of the water in shower and sinks. If you are experiencing scalding water when others are using water in other parts of the home, it may be time for repiping plumbers to inspect.

Are you experiencing plumbing issues and think your pipes need replacement? Do not delay in calling AMA Repiping Plumbers. Waiting to repipe can cause astronomical damages in your home and wallet.  Call us today at (866) 262-1815 to receive your inspection.

Copper Repiping Specialists

Although AMA Repiping, Inc. performs both residential and commercial work, we are specialists in multi-unit communities. A large percentage of our projects are with property management companies who manage homes, town homes, condominiums and apartments. Our proven track record in the multi property copper repiping industry has led to higher lease renewal rates and ROI (Return on Investment) for our clients.

Copper piping is strong, anti-corrosion, and virtually fireproof, so it can be used virtually anywhere indoors and outdoors. Our specialists have over 60 years worth multi property copper repiping. Word of our quality work has allowed us to complete thousands of commercial copper repiping projects. Check out some of our satisfied customers here.

You can call us today with all of your copper repiping questions at  1-866-262-1815. We will send over one of our experienced experts to get the problem solved as quickly as possible.

4 Signs You Need a Plumbing Repipe

Do you think it may be time for a plumbing repipe? Repiping may be necessary for your home’s plumbing system if you are having reoccurring issues. Here are a few ways to access for plumbing problems yourself.

1) Your pipes are old or crumbling.

In order to determine you pipe’s age and lifespan. You need to determine the type of materiel your pipes are. You may know this information from the plumbing inspection when you purchased your home. Any licensed plumber can determine this information for you.

2) You have lead pipes.

Lead pipes are black or dark grey in color generally. As you may already know, lead in your drinking water can cause serious health hazards. Especially children are affected by lead in physical development.

3) Leaking pipes

Even tiny leaks can be a sign that a whole home plumbing repipe will be in the near future. All of your pipes are generally the same age, and the same condition.
4) Brown water

Discolored water is sometimes caused by a rusty water heater tank. You should be concerned if you have ruled out the water heater. Your plumbing system is corroding and it is time to replace your lines with a full plumbing repipe.


Any plumber can assess your pipes for damage or repair. However, it is best to leave replacement to a repiping specialist. AMA Repiping will give you a finished turnkey solution. Give us a call today!