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Polybutylene Atlanta

Polybutylene Atlanta

The advantages of using he services of AMA Repiping LLC in Atlanta are:

  • we are local to Atlanta metro area; we do service in other parts of Georgia too; we are a nationwide company but we have a local office with local talent
  • specialization in repipe; we do not do other plumbing services and we do not compete with the local plumbing companies; we do one thing – repipe
  • we do free estimates on all our projects and requests for inspection of polybutylene piping
  • we give 25 year transferable warranty on our materials and work
  • we offer a true turn-key solution; we do the estimate; we plan the work we leave a fully usable and finished house with no need for additional vendors to finish drywall, paint or to clean
  • we give 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • we do quick turnaround service; we are usually done in an average size house in about 3 to 5 days
  • when AMA Repiping does a project there is no need to vacate the property; we isolate the sections of the house for us to work and progress through the project so the family can continue occupying the house and not need to pay for hotel or disrupt their daily life
  • we accent strongly on finishing work; during the actual replacement of old pipes with new some wall will need to be penetrated and some drywall removed; we will recover┬áthose walls and finish and paint to leave them as new
  • AMA Repiping has a very thorough, specific Quality Control (QA) process; through the progression of our projects we have specifically designated check and QA points that are inspected with great attention to detail
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Polybutylene Pipe Replacement Cost

Polybutylene Pipe Replacement Cost

The price of replacing existing polybutylene piping in a house depends on a few factors:

  1. Size of the house and more specifically the size and complexity of the actual plumbing – all pipes going from the supply line (utility water intake) to all the different water appliances: faucets, showers, washer and drier closets, bathrooms, hot water tubs etc.
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Polybutylene Repipe

What are the dangers of polybutylene piping?

The trouble with polybutylene, apart from the fact that it’s in millions of older American homes, is that some of the additives in the public water supply can damage your poly pipes from the inside out.… Read more

Polybutylene Video

Learn more about polybutylene by watching this video


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