Polybutylene Repiping

Polybutylene Repiping

Polybutylene Repiping is the process of replacing or bypassing existing, old polybutylene piping in the plumbing of a house with the purpose of ending the leak and flood issues caused by aging polybutylene.

Depending on the complexity of the configuration of the current plumbing and how accessible are the old pipes they can be removed or bypassed.

Normally the process includes an experienced and qualified repipe specialist doing an inspection first and identifying that it is a valid issue with the old piping and whether the old piping is polybutylene.

Then an estimate is done for the project of replacing the plumbing with new (using longer lasting materials).

If the home owner decides to proceed the project is planned and done.

AMA Repiping does:

  • free estimates
  • turn-key solutions (all the work is done by one vendor; including complete re-finishing of the walls)
  • quick turnaround – usually 3 – 5 days
  • work done while the house is occupied; no need to vacate the house and to pay for hotels etc.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 25 years transferable warranty