Polybutylene Piping Problems

Homeowners across the country are becoming more and more aware of the risks associated with owning a house with polybutylene piping.

If they plan to live in the house for a long time and they want their house well maintained and with minimal risks of plumbing disasters like leaks and floods, they want to know if their house is built with polybutylene plumbing and want to eliminate that problem as early as possible.

If they plan to sell their house soon they do not want to be in a rush when the real estate agent or the home inspector identifies that there is polybutylene piping in the house.

In all cases homeowners want, first, a free and convenient way to identify if they have polybutylene plumbing and to get a free estimate on the work to replace the polybutylene.

Second, they want the service, if eventually ordered, to be done by one company in the shortest time. They do not want to deal with a list of companies to do: planning, pipe replacement, re-finishing of walls, painting etc.

They also want for the service to be done quickly and without the family having to vacate the house.

All of these qualities can be found in one company:

AMA Repiping

AMA specializes in repipe. We do not do other plumbing services and we do not compete with the may reputable service plumbers.

We specialize in repipe and we have done it  for many, many years.

We do a free estimate.

We plan a quick project with no need for you to vacate the house.

Most projects last 3 – 5 days, but it will depend on the type of property you have.

If you have polybutylene, do not call a plumber. Call a company specialized in repipe.

Repipe is the only thing we do.