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There are many reliable plumbing companies in Georgia.

AMA Repiping doesn’t compete with these plumbing companies.

AMA Repiping has chosen to specialize in a very narrow niche in the plumbing industry.

AMA purposely specializes in turnkey replacement of defective polybutylene pipes in finished, occupied homes.

By choosing such a narrow scope, we have to be better at what we do than anyone else.

Although we are licensed and trained, we don’t try to do everything that other plumbing companies do.

While they are legally able to repipe homes, it’s not their specialty.

They could use methods that are destructive and disruptive in finished/occupied homes.

AMA will keep your water on and protect your home’s environment, keeping your home livable during the 3-5 day process.

And all work is covered with a 25 year transferable warranty on materials and labor.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call Gary Andrews in Atlanta, GA for more information at (770) 682-3145.

Or visit amarepiping.com.

Our licensed plumbers are specialists in repiping, so when excellence matters, call AMA Repiping!


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You just bought your dream home… Suddenly you hear that dreaded sound: water leaking.

Your first instinct is to call a plumber…


Most plumbers will tear your house apart leaving behind a mess trying to find a leak.

Rest easy: AMA Repiping has a better solution.

Your leak may very well be the result of polybutylene pipes.

If your pipes are polybutylene, they will leak.

Trust the experts at AMA Repiping to inspect, replace, prevent and resolve your problem.

Within 3-5 days AMA will replace or by-pass the entire polybutylene water system.

You’ll be able to use your water system while the work is being done.

AMA Repiping repairs wallboard and repaints after surgically accessing and rerouting your new water lines.

All materials and labor are covered by a transferable 25 year warranty.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Call AMA Repiping for more information at (770) 682-3145. Or visit amarepiping.com.

Our licensed plumbers are specialists in repiping, so when excellence matters, call AMA Repiping!

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Read more about Polybutylene Repipe.


Do not allow polybutylene disasters like these to happen to you:




What is a Repipe Specialist

What is a Repipe Specialist

A repipe (repiping) specialist is a professional, usually part of a repipe team, trained and experienced in:

  1. inspecting houses and other buildings for persistent problems with leaks and other problems with plumbing
  2. assessing and estimating a complete replacement of the current plumbing with new one
  3. planning and managing the work of complete replacing the plumbing
  4. managing the wall repair (drywall, or other) and painting and finishing of the repipe process
  5. together with the company they are part of giving a guarantee for their work

When is Repiping Needed?

When is Repiping Needed?

Repiping of a house or condo is needed when in these cases:

  1. Old/existing plumbing causes frequent problems with leaks. Fixing these frequent problems becomes expensive and is causes  additional losses (damaged walls, other building structures, mold growth conditions).
  2. Old plumbing is based on Polybutylene pipes or other defective and outdated plumbing system that has a huge potential to cause problems.
  3. Your insurance went up because of recent leak fixes.
  4. Your realtor told you you have to replace the old plumbing or reduce the asking price for your house to adjust for the buyer having to do it.

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