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Benefits of PEX Piping


If you are experience untimely plumbing repairs that are becoming repetitive, it may be time to contact a repiping company. There are many benefits of PEX Piping, but there are no benefits of leaving your old pipes in place.

There are many different types of pipes used in plumbing systems, past and present. Currently, copper and PEX pipes are the two most frequently used pipe for plumbing systems. Copper is thought to be the most durable and long lasting. However, PEX is attractive for a more affordable option while still carrying the durability trait.

Here are a few other Benefits of PEX Piping:

  • Weight
  • Installation
  • Flexible
  • Weather Resistance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Long Life Span

Whether you choose PEX Piping or Copper Piping, be sure you hire a skilled repipe specialist that can give you a detailed assessment of your system.  Contact us today for your free estimate.