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Galvanized Piping Problems

Galvanized Piping- often used in the 1960s time frame, is a unreliable and unpredictable plumbing system in older homes. You might remember your parents or grandparents telling you to let the water run a minute or two before filling up your glass of water. There is a number of reasons people experience galvanized piping problems and may need their home repiped. Galvanized piping corrodes from the inside, this causes contaminates from the actual piping to creep into your drinking water. Ever have a metallic taste in your glass of ice water? It is probable zinc, rust, or lead. This is also why your water is discolored.

Not only do the insides of these pipes corrode, but the joints do too. This causes leaks in the system. Leaks can cause detrimental damage to your home and to you. The good news is you will probably get a clue when a piping system is going to fail. Most of our clients have reported reduced water pressure 6 months to a year before the system failed entirely.

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