What You Should Look For in a Repiping Specialist

Many plumbing companies offer repiping services. It is a great idea to find a plumber who exclusively does repiping. It is also important to hire a dependable, trustworthy repipe technician.  A inexperienced Repiping Specialist may leave problems that can seriously damage your home in the long run, leaving you out of luck. Here are a few things to look for when looking for this type of professional:


A repiping specialist will always have insurance and be bonded. This protects your home, you and the technician. If they do not have applicable coverage or proper licensing, reconsider to someone who does.


A good repipe specialist will back their work with a warranty. That’s a sign of good craft, and a sign that your repiping job will last. Ask for a warranty.


Confirm their experience. Ask for references. Real estate agents or HOAs are also a good source for testimonials. It is best to get about five different referrals and start your research from there.


First, get some estimates. This is generally free. Always get this in writing. The repipe contract should include time frames, cost of materials, payment arrangements, license number, and the total cost. To be safe, get a few other estimates for comparison to make sure you are getting a fair price.

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