Dangers of Polybutylene Pipe

Some Polybutylene piping issues are from poor installation. However, most issues stem from the actual quality and function of the pipe itself. These older pipes are known to crumble when in  contact with oxidants. Oxidants are found in tap water from the public water system. Deterioration connected to chlorine water ingredients is also attributed  to the failures.

Polybutylene piping deteriorates from the inside . This makes it hard to determine the pipe’s condition and hard to estimate when you will need to replace or repair. Thus, an unpredictable leak or burst could cost you thousands in damages.

Polybutylene piping is plastic and typically gray, blue, or black in color. One of the easiest ways to identify this pipe is to locate the “PB” lettering on the piping label.

Polybutylene piping damages are costly. Insurance companies often cancel or reject policies for houses with recognized poly piping problems. Also, it is extremely difficult to sell a home with this piping, because it is so unreliable and hazardous. The only way to eliminate the possibility of damages that can come from old polybutylene piping is to replace the pipe.  Over the years, AMA Repiping has assessed thousands of problems involving Polybutylene pipe. Commercial and Residential, we have the experience and know how to fix these plumbing problems. If your house was built between 1970 and 1995, you may have Polybutylene piping.

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