Do you think it may be time for a plumbing repipe? Repiping may be necessary for your home’s plumbing system if you are having reoccurring issues. Here are a few ways to access for plumbing problems yourself.

1) Your pipes are old or crumbling.

In order to determine you pipe’s age and lifespan. You need to determine the type of materiel your pipes are. You may know this information from the plumbing inspection when you purchased your home. Any licensed plumber can determine this information for you.

2) You have lead pipes.

Lead pipes are black or dark grey in color generally. As you may already know, lead in your drinking water can cause serious health hazards. Especially children are affected by lead in physical development.

3) Leaking pipes

Even tiny leaks can be a sign that a whole home plumbing repipe will be in the near future. All of your pipes are generally the same age, and the same condition.
4) Brown water

Discolored water is sometimes caused by a rusty water heater tank. You should be concerned if you have ruled out the water heater. Your plumbing system is corroding and it is time to replace your lines with a full plumbing repipe.


Any plumber can assess your pipes for damage or repair. However, it is best to leave replacement to a repiping specialist. AMA Repiping will give you a finished turnkey solution. Give us a call today!